Walk for Wellbeing October 2020

Walk for Wellbeing

Our first Walk for Wellbeing challenge is done! In October we challenged participants to set their own goal for how many kilometres they would walk/run/ride in October and our participants achieved some incredible results.

Our 31 participants collectively raised $14,500 and completed over 3,200km

We are grateful for the determination of our walkers and for the generosity of our donors. Given the financial impact of the coronavirus, the fact that we received so many donations is a direct reflection of the wonderful people in our community that care about supporting those living with cancer. 

We hope that by participating in the challenge, focusing on achieving your set goals, that completing the extra kilometres had a positive impact on your physical and mental wellbeing. 

We would like to acknowledge our top fundraisers:

  • Shari Jey, raising $2,241
  • Brittany Gall, raising $1,445
  • Sally Mohitian, raising $761
  • Bob and Lozz, raising $559
  • Kimberly Jade, raising $555

Thank you so much for sharing your fundraising pages with your family and friends, we truly appreciate it. 

We would also like to acknowledge the impressive effort of our top walkers (runners/riders):

  • Celia Mckeon, walking 230km (with a goal of 100)
  • Kate Ross, walking and running 190km (with a goal of 150)
  • Bree Kenie, walking and running 150km
  • Linsey Stallworthy, walking 150km
  • Emily White, walking and running 120km

We applaud your efforts and dedication! 

The money raised from this challenge will go directly towards funding our wellness grants to 18-30 year olds in Victoria with cancer. The grants will fund activities that are meaningful to them and promote their wellbeing; much needed after a challenging year. We have heard from our grant recipients regarding the impact of the pandemic, they have described the loneliness and boredom from being in hospital with no visitors allowed and the anxiety of being more vulnerable to the effects of the virus. As we come out of our second lockdown, now is a particularly important time to prioritise physical and emotional wellbeing. We encourage those that are eligible for a grant to apply, now that more ways to spend the grant are becoming available such as gym memberships/classes, weekends away and spa treatments.

Congratulations to everyone on a wonderful result! We hope you enjoyed participating in the challenge.

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