The Christina Ghobadi Foundation is a care and awareness charity that provides non-denominational spiritual and emotional wellbeing support to young people living with or recovering from cancer.

We work to promote a broader recognition of the connection between mental and physical wellbeing and its importance during the healing process. Building on this awareness, we work to ensure that all young people with cancer have the financial resources and opportunity to access wellness courses, seminars, retreats or other related activities.

The Foundation was established in 2016 in loving memory of Christina Ghobadi, a young woman whose spiritual clarity and emotional strength marked her battle with the blood cancer leukaemia. Though losing her fight, it was this holistic approach to healing that allowed her to accept treatment and, ultimately, to pass calmly and in peace. The Foundation seeks to ensure that this support is available to all young people in their own battles with cancer.


All young people living with or recovering from cancer are strong in their spiritual and emotional wellbeing.


The Foundation works to:

  • Promote the importance of strong spiritual and emotional wellness for young people healing and recovering from cancer.
  • Increase access to wellness activities and programs that support young people to build emotional and spiritual strength and resilience.