The Christina Ghobadi Foundation is a care and awareness charity. We provide grants to young Victorians living with or recovering from cancer to access wellness activities of their choosing.

We work to promote a broader recognition of the connection between mental and physical wellbeing and its importance during the healing process. Building on this awareness, we work to ensure that all young people with cancer have the financial resources and opportunity to access wellness activities of their choosing.

The Foundation was established in 2015 in loving memory of Christina Ghobadi, a young woman whose spiritual clarity and emotional strength marked her battle with the blood cancer leukaemia. Though losing her fight, it was this holistic approach to healing that allowed her to accept treatment and, ultimately, to pass calmly and in peace. The Foundation seeks to ensure that this support is available to all young people in their own battles with cancer.


All young people living with or recovering from cancer are strong in their emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


The Foundation works to:

  • Promote the importance of strong emotional and spiritual wellness for young people living with or recovering from cancer.
  • Increase access to wellness activities and programs that support young people to build emotional and spiritual strength and resilience.


“I am a trustee of the foundation and my role is coordinating the grant giving process and liaising with both our recipients and hospitals. Christina was my beautiful daughter and a holistic approach to wellness was an important part of her cancer journey. We wanted to give as many young people as possible the opportunity to take part in these types of activities at a time when they may not be able to afford them or know how to get started.”

Vali Ghobadi

“Christina was my inspiring sister. She drew such strength, calm and clarity from her inner wellness as she battled leukaemia. This is something we at CG Foundation want for all young people facing cancer – all sisters and brothers – because cancer is something that ultimately touches us all. The work of CG Foundation is a way to share something simple but important in the healing process – wellness. Wellness is personal and needs to be practiced, that’s why we offer grants for young people to access wellbeing activities of their choosing. My big sis had a way of touching people’s lives, like holding a tulip perfumes your hand, and I hope our work can do the same.”

Andrew Ghobadi

“As her partner, I was always in awe of Christina’s seemingly unending passion to help others and make the world a better place. Her dream was to open a retreat centre for those who wanted to explore meditation practice and recover from cancer treatment. While we couldn’t do that for her (at least not yet!), it made perfect sense to do what we can to help people in their recovery journey through sponsoring wellness activities. It’s wonderful to be part of something that helps people through such a difficult time, but I also can’t think of a better way to keep a connection with Christina than to be doing the work that she dreamed of doing herself.”

Andrew Thomas

“I’m an entrepreneur and engineer by day, and working with CG Foundation is my way of contributing to an important cause I really believe in. It’s also my way of saying thank you to Christina, who was always such a strong, positive influence on me. I know she would want those whose lives she touched to share and promote wellness with young people facing cancer, and that’s exactly we do.”

Faz Mohitian