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The Christina Ghobadi Foundation is a charity that provides wellness grants to young people living with cancer.

Whether they are still undergoing or finished treatment, the road to recovery is exhausting for cancer patients. It takes an immense toll on their mental and physical strength for what can feel like a lifetime.

That’s why we’re offering wellness grants for cancer patients between the ages of 18 and 30 who live in Victoria. Whether it be a retreat to a peaceful destination, yoga classes or meditation seminars, a grant can make all the difference to their mental health and morale.

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If you’re aged 18-30, live in Victoria and cancer has turned your life upside down, grants are available to help you access physical and mental wellbeing.




Referringa patient for a grant is a quick and simple process. Our wellness grants can support your patient wellness activities that support their recovery.






As a cancer patient, hair loss was one of the things I dreaded most. Losing my hair meant that I looked "sick" and as a female, it impacted my identity and the way I perceived myself. I used my grant to purchase a wig. Having gone through chemotherapy last year, my hair thinned drastically however I was fortunate to have kept some of my hair and didn't require any wigs or headwear to conceal this. However, after relapsing this year and being put on a stronger chemotherapy regime  and requiring a stem cell transplant, my hair started falling in chunks within days of my treatment. Having a wig made such a difference to my self-esteem and my ability to not appear "sick" to the world. Due to my occupation, I'm a very private person. I'm also a very independent person and I often don't like asking for help. As I didn't "advertise" my cancer diagnosis or my journey with treatment, a lot of people were unaware that I went through treatment last year or that I am currently undergoing chemotherapy. This means that a lot of people are unaware of the challenges I've gone through and have not offered help. The foundation really assisted me with this aspect as if it weren't for the grant, I would have been unable to fund a wig for myself. The CG Foundation was incredible. The grant was issued almost immediately and the whole process was hassle-free.

I used my grant to pay for tickets to a clay workshop for my partner and myself. The wellness grant was something that I had not even imagined when I was diagnosed, but I'm so thankful I was able to access it. It was so wonderful to be able to treat myself and my partner after going through a traumatic time. I spent my grant on tickets to a hand building with clay workshop for my partner and myself. We unfortunately have been unable to complete our clay creations due to covid-19 restrictions, but we are both looking forward to doing so when restrictions are lifted. It was a really fun experience for both of us and I'd love to be able to work with clay more in the future.

I used the grant to contribute towards the purchase of a treadmill. I am so fortunate to be able to access this grant, I was at a loss with my fitness posttreatment and I was hesitant to get a gym membership as I wasn’t sure it would meet my needs. Being able to purchase a treadmill with the grant meant that I was able to get back into my fitness from the comfort of my own home, and when I needed to rest it was easy to do so. During the coronavirus the treadmill has been imperative for my wellbeing.

I used the grant to assist with Physiotherapy costs. I have been doing strength training with my physio now for about 2 months to help build up the lost strength and muscle from battling cancer. This grant has helped pay for the sessions with my physio so I can continue to gain strength and fitness and get my body back to the health level it was before.

I used my grant to attend Exercise Physiology sessions and have an Aquatic Centre Gym membership for 3 months. It was extremely beneficial to my recovery from chemotherapy treatment and enhanced the importance of wellbeing and fitness in my life. I noticed an improvement in my mental health and energy levels during the three months of my program. It was great to meet other people in a similar situation at the group exercise physiotherapy sessions, it made me feel supported and less alone in my journey. Don't hesitate to apply for this grant. It is a very simple application process with a supportive team behind it. I highly recommend it at any stage of your treatment and/or recovery.


The Ghobadi Foundation has sponsored me for a six month gym membership which is assisting me to regain strength and energy following a diagnosis of metastasized Neuroendocrine tumours, major surgery and radiation treatment. I applied for the grant after receiving a flyer on the foundations important work for young people facing cancer at the Peter Maccallum Cancer Centre. Having access to gym facilities including weights is crucial in my recovery whilst eliminating financial pressure which so often accumulates and becomes very stressful while receiving treatment for cancers. I attend the gym three to fours times a week and not only have I surpassed my doctors expectations in regaining strength and fitness following major surgery (I recently ran a triathlon) but I find this physical outlet also helps to calm my mind, focus my energy and give me a much needed mental break from the worries of ongoing treatment. I would recommend any young person facing cancer to look into the research and benefits of exercise, meditation and mindfulness and access this wonderful foundations services to assist them in getting back to full health. I so appreciate the work of the Ghodadi Foundation and thank them for their enormous contribution to my recovery. Kate, 28


Adam went on a trip to Sorrento for his grant and came back engaged! “My Fiancé Bianca and I would like to thank the Christina Ghobadi Foundation for helping fund a special weekend away, after what has been a challenging year. The weekend was amazing, and I proposed in a beautiful spot in Sorrento which meant so much to us! We used this grant help to make our weekend of celebrations happen, being picked up in an Audi A8, visiting the hot springs and enjoy the comfort of a beautiful beach house. I am currently back at work, feeling well, feeling motivated and loving life!”

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