The Ghobadi Foundation has sponsored me for a six month gym membership which is assisting me to regain strength and energy following a diagnosis of metastasized Neuroendocrine tumours, major surgery and radiation treatment.

I applied for the grant after receiving a flyer on the foundations important work for young people facing cancer at the Peter Maccallum Cancer Centre. Having access to gym facilities including weights is crucial in my recovery whilst eliminating financial pressure which so often accumulates and becomes very stressful while receiving treatment for cancers. I attend the gym three to fours times a week and not only have I surpassed my doctors expectations in regaining strength and fitness following major surgery (I recently ran a triathlon) but I find this physical outlet also helps to calm my mind, focus my energy and give me a much needed mental break from the worries of ongoing treatment.

I would recommend any young person facing cancer to look into the research and benefits of exercise, meditation and mindfulness and access this wonderful foundations services to assist them in getting back to full health.

I so appreciate the work of the Ghodadi Foundation and thank them for their enormous contribution to my recovery.

Kate, 28

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