As a cancer patient, hair loss was one of the things I dreaded most. Losing my hair meant that I looked “sick” and as a female, it impacted my identity and the way I perceived myself. I used my grant to purchase a wig. Having gone through chemotherapy last year, my hair thinned drastically however I was fortunate to have kept some of my hair and didn’t require any wigs or headwear to conceal this. However, after relapsing this year and being put on a stronger chemotherapy regime¬† and requiring a stem cell transplant, my hair started falling in chunks within days of my treatment. Having a wig made such a difference to my self-esteem and my ability to not appear “sick” to the world.

Due to my occupation, I’m a very private person. I’m also a very independent person and I often don’t like asking for help. As I didn’t “advertise” my cancer diagnosis or my journey with treatment, a lot of people were unaware that I went through treatment last year or that I am currently undergoing chemotherapy. This means that a lot of people are unaware of the challenges I’ve gone through and have not offered help. The foundation really assisted me with this aspect as if it weren’t for the grant, I would have been unable to fund a wig for myself.

The CG Foundation was incredible. The grant was issued almost immediately and the whole process was hassle-free.

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