Simple yoga flow for people living with and recovering from cancer

Simple yoga flow

Sunday the 21st of June was International Yoga Day, a day created by the United Nations to raise awareness of the health benefits of practicing yoga. 

To celebrate, we have partnered with yoga instructor Lee Hoogeveen, who has kindly shared a yoga session with us. She has tailored this session to people living with and recovering from cancer, by facilitating a slow, relaxing sequence, with a focus on breathing throughout. 

Lee is a yoga instructor and soon-to-be Osteopath. Here is what she has to say about her connection to yoga:

“I first started yoga to calm and centre my mind, connect to my body, and tap into my spiritual side. I became a yoga teacher to guide you in doing the same and to show you that even in the darkest times yoga is a warm hug, cuppa tea, and a shoulder to lean on. The power of yoga is so much greater than I imagined! It’s a tool everyone should have in their ‘toolbox for life’.”


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