Walk for Wellbeing – October 2020

This October The Christina Ghobadi Foundation is holding a Walk for Wellbeing Challenge! We are challenging you to commit to moving as many Kilometres as you can in the month of October to help us raise money to improve the wellbeing of young people living with cancer.

We are a registered charity that provides $500 wellness grants to 18-30 year olds living with or recovering from cancer living in Victoria. The grants are used for wellbeing related activities and products such as gym memberships, gym equipment, yoga classes, weekends away, instruments and art classes and materials.

The foundation was established in 2015 in loving memory of Christina Ghobadi, who passed away at 27 years old from blood cancer leukaemia. Undergoing treatment is a challenging experience, making the need for care for wellbeing all the more important. We at The CG Foundation want all young people facing cancer to have the opportunity to strengthen their well-being during the healing process. Wellness is personal and needs to be practiced, that’s why we offer grants for young people to access wellbeing activities of their choosing.

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How to sign up

  1. If you don’t already have it, download the strava app on your phone and create an account. You will not need the paid version to complete the challenge.
  2. Follow the link below and select “Join team”
  3. Register your account with Go Fundraise and select “Connect apps” to connect your Strava account. Note that Strava can take up to 24 hours to sync with your Go Fundraise page.
  4. Create your profile and tell people how far you are aiming to move in the month of October. Some suggested wording to get you started is below:

    In the month of October I’m challenging myself to walk 100km in order to raise money for The Christina Ghobadi Foundation and help improve the wellbeing of young people living with cancer. I’d appreciate any contribution, big or small.
    Donations made through this platform are secure and will be remitted directly to The Christina Ghobadi Foundation.
    Thanks so much for your support!
  5. Set yourself a fundraising target.
  6. Share your page on social media and with your friends and family so they can donate.
  7. Get walking!

If you have any issues with signing up or questions about the challenge please email us at: admin@cgfoundation.org.au

To stay up to date with the challenge and our work follow us on Facebook and Instagram @thechristinaghobadifoundation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many kilometres should I aim to walk?

You can set whatever goal you think is achievable for you. Keep in mind your level of fitness as well as what is achievable based on current government restrictions. The CG Foundation team members are aiming to walk around 100km each which is just under 5km a day.

Can I run or ride my bike instead of walk?

Absolutely! You can choose however you would like to move for the challenge.

My workouts aren’t showing up on the Go Fundraise page, what should I do?

The Strava workouts usually take around 24 hours to sync with your Go Fundraise page. If they are still not showing up after this, please send us an email at admin@cgfoundation.org.au so we can help you out.

What are some tips for getting donations?

  • Make sure you share your fundraising page with all your friends and family on social media or in emails
  • Give regular updates on your progress in the challenge
  • Donate to your own page to encourage others to donate to you